The Smallest Stories

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About The Smallest Stories

the Smallest Toy Store The Smallest Schoolhouse The Smallest Forest


"The Smallest Toy Store"

This is the first in a series of children's books by Regina. The Smallest Toy Store, A Christmas Story, focuses on social awareness issues such as homelessness at a gentle level that a young reader can understand.


"The Smallest Schoolhouse"

This is the second in a series of children's books by Regina and her sister, Phyllis, the illustrator. This book presents an emphasis on the value of learning in a magical, and whimsical old-fashioned fairy tale. Their books continue to teach moral values with kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect.


"The Smallest Forest"

This will be the third book in a series of children's book by Regina. It is a magical and funny fairy tale and includes all the favorite characters such as the magical toys, Ms. MerryWood, and Wizard Poe. The three wood spirits, Sillilly, Trillilly, and Billilly, learn how important it is to learn the truth about others while trying to preserve the environment of the Smallest Forest and one of its special inhabitants.